An uneventful day. We had brunch at Cafe con Leche where we had delicious Dominican fried chicken, rice and beans, fried plantains, arroz con pollo and of course, cafe con leche. It was a nice, comforting end to our 6 days in NYC and a reminder that while certain things in NYC are expensive, eating well doesn’t have to be one of them. The whole meal came to like $17.

It was also a reminder of why we were going to NYC. To eat. To me, everything else is secondary. Yes, I’m looking forward to all the other things the city will provide, but most of my excitement comes from the idea of eating authentic and delicious food within blocks of our place.

BTW – If you ever get stuck in Denver airport, check out Pour la France in B concourse. It’s my favorite airport restaurant, which granted, isn’t saying much, and you can’t go wrong there. It ended up ruining an appetite we were saving up for Shiro’s.